How Computer Repair Experts Help Keep Philadelphia Companies Running

In a world that is run by technology, it’s hard to imagine how a business in a highly industrialized city like Philadelphia can survive without that aid of a well-equipped computer system. No matter the robustness, however, a computer system remains vulnerable to damage from various sources, which could lead to costly outages. The secret to the efficiency and continuity of a business based on computer technology is to have computer repair experts available when you need them.

Why You Shouldn’t Trust Yourself

You’ve probably been told many times that believing in yourself will help you succeed. While this is true in many cases, this does not apply when fixing a computer. Even your savviest employees will not stand a chance against the most complex of computer problems. Do not attempt to troubleshoot a computer issue if you know your knowledge of computer hardware is limited. You might end up losing all important files and software that comprise the backbone of all your operations.


Philadelphia Computer Repair Experts Help Keep Your PCs Threat-free

Those who predicted the demise of the desktop and laptop a few years ago will find the latest figures surprising. First, recent data released by IBM showed that a large majority of online purchases in November and December of 2014 were done from either a desktop or a laptop. Such transactions made up 77% of total online sales, with the rest coming from smartphones and tablets.
Second, total PC sales for 2014 were up from 2013, with around 300 million portable PCs sold. Experts now see this trend to continue through 2015, especially with the introduction of fresh new features from noted PC makers like Dell, Lenovo, and ASUS. The MacBook Air also continues to see gains in sales, especially with the expected introduction of the MacBook Pro Retina screen in 2015.


Philadelphia Computer Repair Experts Share Tips When Reformatting

Since reformatting entails reinstalling your OS, be sure you actually have the disk on-hand before clicking the reformat option. Major computer manufacturers will always supply this along with your purchase, but some smaller brands may not do so. Always make sure as you don’t want to realize you can’t complete the reformat right in the middle of the process.

In the event that you make a mistake and lose important files or programs, do not panic. A quick trip to a center for computer repair in Philadelphia like Scorpion Computers should be done to recover any lost files. If you aren’t very confident in your own IT skills, a computer repair service would be more than happy to do the reformatting for you.


Philadelphia Computer Repair Experts are Ready for the New Mac Pro

” The RAM modules are easily accessible and replaceable, says iFixit, so users can max out the memory to 64GB without too much sweat. Removing the solid-state drive entails just a turn of a screwdriver, revealing the flash storage and flash controller.”

This daunting technological achievement is made even more remarkable by the apparent ease of its repair and maintenance. Philadelphia Mac repair pros like those at Scorpion Computers will have no trouble dismantling the equipment to fix or replace components, and putting it back together. With repair experts on hand, the prospect of investing in the new Mac Pro does not seem too forbidding, even with the device’s staggering cost.”